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Football is the king sport of the world

Of course, you must have heard about the football terms that bettors often use to refer to odds!

Explaining Football Terms Football is the today's soccer tips of the world. Naturally, this is also a lucrative opportunity for bettors. Through this article, World Football hopes to bring you useful information about football betting terms that bettors often mention!

Explaining Football Terms Terms in Asian Handicap Betting For Asians, especially in Vietnam, football matches are not just for entertainment but also involve hidden betting odds. Let's explore the mysteries behind these terms.

Handicap / Odds: This is the form or ratio of winnings and losses that bookmakers offer to players (bettors) regarding the outcome of the match. Handicap: also known as Asian Handicap or in Vietnam, known as Asian handicap. ODDS: The conversion rate of the bet amount. Win full: Winning the entire bet. Lose full: Losing the entire bet. Win Half: Winning half of the bet amount.

Lose Half: Losing half of the bet amount. Under bet: Refers to the underdog bet, the team that is given a handicap. Over bet: Refers to the favorite bet, the team that gives the handicap. HT (or Half Time): Refers to the halftime of the match. FT (or Full Time): Refers to the full duration of the match. ET (or Extra Time): Refers to the extra time of the match. PEN: Penalty shootout.

Running bet: Allows betting on teams during the match. Draw bet, equal odds or draw bet: Refers to the draw bet, where the bet amount is usually split equally. ¼ Bet: This is a 1/4 ball handicap bet. If the match ends in a draw, the upper team loses half of the bet amount. Conversely, if the upper team wins by at least 1 goal or ball, they will receive a winning amount according to the handicap ratio. ¾ Bet: If the match ends in a draw, the upper bet will lose all the wagered amount. If winning by 1 goal difference, the upper team wins half of the bet amount. If the lower team wins, they will receive the entire bet amount.

Asian Handicap Football Terms Terms in European Betting In Europe, there are more implicit rules compared to Asia. There are no handicaps but rather options of win, draw, lose, over, and under; Strong teams have lower payout odds compared to weaker teams. In Europe, there are no handicaps, only payout odds.

European Betting Terms What are Over/Under Betting Terms? Over (O): Players bet directly against the odds provided by the bookmaker. Under (U): Players bet according to the odds provided by the bookmaker. History of the En Avant de Guingamp Football Club

Additional Betting Terms in Football Betting In addition to the bets that bookmakers offer during matches, they also provide additional betting options to attract more players. Therefore, in a football match, there are usually additional bets.

To win to nil bet This type of bet is adventurous and appealing to bettors. They bet that their favorite team will not concede any goals.

The reward is calculated by this formula:

Winning bet amount = Bet amount x Betting odds

Corner kick bet Corner kick bet is a type of bet where players rely on luck rather than the outcome of the match. This term refers to the number of corner kicks that occur during the match.

The betting method for corner kicks is simple; you just need to bet on whether the number of corner kicks will be over or under a certain number.

This bet has a relatively high winning rate and is easy to play, so many people choose it to win or lose.

First kick-off bet Also known as the Kick Off bet. This is a bet to stimulate the start of the match and provides immediate results. Players choose the team that will get the ball after the kickoff.

Cross bet terms in football This bet is truly decisive; players will make one bet but make multiple predictions for the entire match. If all predictions are correct, the payout will be correspondingly high. However, if one prediction is wrong, the bet will be lost immediately.

Common cross bets include double crosses, triple crosses, up to 10 crosses,…

Other Common Terms

In addition, there are some free soccer daily tip other common terms in football betting in Vietnam:

Safe bet: A type of bet that bettors believe will definitely win. Analyze bet: Analyzing and making predictions about the current betting odds. Football Tips: Advice and experiences about football. Dump bet: Choosing the opposite to reduce the risk of loss.

Conclusion Those are some shares of World Football about the terms of football betting. Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding of the jargon and slang that football enthusiasts often use. Stay sharp and don't let betting amounts soften your resolve.

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